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On 24 May Nicholas Wilson (Mr Ethical) wrote to the Financial Conduct Authority about the mysterious cheques which HSBC have recently been sending to customers, believing them to be related to his 18 year long campaign against illegal charges added to debts, covered in over 600 pages of evidence on his website. His website also covers his extensive correspondence with the FCA, two meetings, questions at Public Meetings and various FCA press releases about the charges.

However, on 15 June Nicholas Wilson received the letter below from the FCA, which implies that they don’t really know who he is, or what he has done. They certainly refused to give him any information. Their reference to his registering as a whistleblower is facetious. He has never claimed special treatment (anonymity) as a whistleblower, he merely wishes to be kept informed of the their actions, as they now promise to do with “official” whistleblowers.

In the circumstances of such an utterly insulting email, Nicholas Wilson couldn’t resist the classic reply:

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