Everyone is welcome to submit a story to us, even professional journalists. We will assess the story, check the evidence, and if appropriate send the material to one of our advisers for opinion. If it all stands up it will be published, with or without your name, as you instruct us.

We will not be able to pay for stories. The benefit to you is that you get your story out.

We have final say on whether a story is published. Ultimately, we are legally liable for anything published. Wherever possible we will give reasons why we have rejected a story.

How to submit

Initially please contact us through the contact page giving a very brief outline of the story. If appropriate we will then ask you to submit an A4 page resume of the story. Please do not just send us a load of documents and expect us to make sense of them. To be brutal, if you can’t give a concise resume of your story on one page, you are unlikely to be accepted for publication. If we feel it is something we can publish, we will then ask for the full story with evidence.

Reasons for rejection may be.

  • There is insufficient evidence.
  • The motivation for exposing the story is political, to influence a particular situation. ( And yes, we know, everything is political)
  • The story is too complex to be read and understood by most people. If we don’t understand a story we may refer it to our expert panel, and we may be able to help to make the story more digestible, but we have limited resources.
  • The story is personal to you and its coverage will only benefit you.
  • If for us to fully investigate and hold up the story will be too time consuming. It is your responsibility to make the story succinct and accessible.
  • It is obviously a conspiracy theory.
  • It contains any material that is racist, sexist, antisemitic, Islamophobic, transphobic etc. This site is for everybody, regardless of their background.