Corruption UK will be entirely transparent about its finances. Every month we will publish on this page an account of sums received and spent.

It is hoped that the organisation will have sufficient funds to pay practical contributors such as expert advisers, film makers, website designers etc. We are unable to pay for stories.

It is also hoped that sufficient will be raised to pay the founder Nicholas Wilson a salary, at the current UK National Living Wage of £18k pa*. [You can read about his circumstances in the link]. However, first call on all finances will be for maintaining and running the site. If the account has £1,500 at the end of the month, it will be paid to Mr Wilson, but lesser amounts will not.

*Mr Wilson is currently on benefits. Any income received through this site will be reported to the DWP.

Corruption UK accountReceiptsPayments
Jul-20£1,036.72£11.99domain registration
£11.99web analytics
£29.99SSL certificate
£43.23Proton Mail
£16.26pdf embed plug-in