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A short film produced by Corruption UK exposing the extent of banks’ forging customer’s signatures in order to asset strip companies, repossess homes and win litigation.

The film interviews financial expert Steve Middleton; whistleblower and founder of Bank Confidential, Mark Wright; victim of bank forgery Chris Richardson and campaigner and founder of Bank Signature Forgery Campaign, Julian Watts.

If you have been affected, contact Bank Confidential or the Bank Signature Forgery Campaign




4 Replies to “Bank Signature Forgery”

  1. I can provide unequivocal proof of bank officials and licensed solicitors exercising forged mortgage deeds onto the HM Land Registry to obtain void court orders, thereby perverting the course of justice by fabricating evidence with intent to influence the outcome of judicial (civil) proceedings to enable the unauthorised seizure of land and property. I can also provide damning evidence against officials of HMLR, the judiciary, the police and the County Courts who have overtly acted independently of their prerogatives and beyond their lawful power; without jurisdiction ‘ultra vires’ to aid and abet in the said illegal transactions. I believe my evidence is akin to the grave concern recently raised by Anthony Stansfeld PCC, regarding fraud and corruption by banks against the British public: “This is serious organised crime by banks against the UK public.”

  2. Is there an equivalent source in the US? A a Real Estate agent in Florida, I have many, many stories, both personally and professionally. At the least, it would be cathartic to at least share with others who’ve had the devastating experience. Good for you! I am happy to see such aggressive action.

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