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Update 5 August – since writing the blog below, we have been informed that the contract value is now £65,832,000


Do you remember the Presidents Club? The sleazy organisation that hosted the “most un-PC event of the year” at the Dorchester Hotel where skimpily clad waitresses were groped by wealthy business men? Well, the president of the President’s Club was David Meller, who donated £3,250 to Michael Gove’s leadership campaign, and a total of £65,000 to the Tories.

David Meller worked with Gove as a member of the Department of Education as non-executive board member.

Surely it is only fair that David should be rewarded for his loyalty to the Tories during a global pandemic. Luckily for David he has a company, Meller Designs Limited, a home and beauty company ultimately located in a tax haven, Jersey. Meller is still a person of significant control with more than 25% but not more than 50%  together with  Michael Meller.* The company’s turnover as at December 2018 was £40.4m.

Meller Designs Ltd were awarded a government contract worth £1,080,000 for the supply of hand sanitizer, without tender.

This information was supplied to us by a third party. If it has been reported elsewhere, we will happily link to that.

*thanks to Tom Jenkins for this information (see Comments)

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  1. He might have resigned as a director but he’s still a person with significant control and has 25% – 50% shares, this information is viewable through companies house.

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