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Many people believe that whistleblowing is glamorous – a route to fame and fortune. Anybody who knows anything about the truth of whistleblowing knows that the exact opposite is true – it is a route to financial ruin and mental health issues. Some whistleblowers turn their experience to help others navigate the stormy waters that honesty in public life creates. One such whistleblower is Eileen Chubb, a former care worker who has done exceptional, selfless work through a charity she founded, Compassion in Care, to help and support genuine whistleblowers.

Both Eileen, and the founder and curator of this site, Nicholas Wilson, were involved in the early days of an organisation founded to help whistleblowers, WhistleblowersUK (WBUK). Eileen was a co-founder and Nicholas was a trustee. The original organisation imploded due to differences of opinion between its constituent members. Following the disbanding of the company a new company was founded by Georgina Halford-Hall, who claims to be a whistleblower herself. She is not a whistleblower and seems to know very little about the subject. However, this has not preventing her from positioning herself as the secretariat of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Whistleblowing, and fronting a campaign for an “Office for the Whistleblower”. As will be apparent from Eileen’s post below, WBUK seems to be an organisation far removed from any kind of pro bono support for whistleblowers, but rather as a bounty hunting, money making endeavour, funded by US lawyers.

Eileen Chubb has voiced concerns about WBUK and Halford-Hall from the start, as has Nicholas Wilson. This has resulted in a campaign of malicious allegations against Eileen Chubb and Compassion in Care.

The importance of this post is that it shows how simple it is in the UK for unqualified, inexperienced and totally unsuitable people to position themselves in parliament and influence legislation for the greater good of themselves. We are grateful to Eileen for making this post available to us.


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