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Today the Guardian published an article about a row between the US Department of Justice (DoJ )and the UK Serious Fraud Office (SFO) over the prosecution of a major player in the Unaoil scandal. The row occurred because the SFO accused the DoJ of acting behind its back.

There is one major name missing from the Guardian article, the name of their major sponsor HSBC. We have no doubt that the SFO protection of HSBC is what has riled the DoJ (who after all had wanted to prosecute HSBC in 2012 for laundering Mexican drug cartel and terrorist money but were derailed by George Osborne and David Cameron).

The founder of this site, Nicholas Wilson  has written a lot about the UK media habit of omitting HSBC’s name from articles, and in particular in relation to the Unaoil scandal. All the bribes to the likes of Rolls Royce went through HSBC Private Bank in Monaco, as disclosed in his linked article. He has written –

“I have analysed the first 100 Google entries for the search terms “Unaoil HSBC”. The results are very revealing. There is not one UK mainstream news outlet that mentions HSBC in connection with Unaoil. When reading bear in mind that the previous Director General of MI5 is now an HSBC director and the Chair of the BBC Trust was an HSBC director, as was James Comey, the Director of the FBI.”

Furthermore, Nicholas Wilson has written about the very strange relationship the DG of the SFO, Lisa Osofsky and her husband have with HSBC. It is that which may have prompted the SFO’s sudden decision last year to drop the inquiry.

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