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Although this site will concentrate on corruption in the UK, the following story is relevant because it involves British bank HSBC and may be relevant to the recent decision by the UK government to rescind the contract for Chinese telecoms giant Huawei to provide 5G in the UK.

Nicholas Wilson, founder of Corruption UK takes a very keen interest in HSBC because it was his whistleblowing on their illegal practices which spurred him to create the site. He has always been suspicious of the story that HSBC had reported wrongdoing by Huawei in Canada over illicit trade with Iran, which led to the arrest and imprisonment of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou. This article in the People’s Daily China (the biggest paper in China) which appears on Facebook, seems to confirm that that version of the story is a complete fabrication. It shows HSBC in its usual dishonest scheming. If the facts of the article are true, then HSBC had breached its Deferred Prosecution Agreement of 2012. The current Director General of the Serious Fraud Office in the UK is Lisa Osofsky, who was the monitor for HSBC’s DPA in Europe. She and her husband appeared to do very well out of HSBC’s criminality.

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